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Press Release from Taco Bell: Food innovations you can expect coming soon...

Taco Bell gave a press release today highlighting their long term goals of reaching 9,000 stores and $15 Billion in sales by 2022. They also gave insight into what to expect going forward in terms of upcoming Experiences. Now we're talking...

According to the OC Register, we can expect to see a return of the Rolled Chicken Tacos, the XXL Chalupa, (called Double Chalupa this time), and a new Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

There was also continued coverage on the ongoing Nacho Fries that Taco Bell have been extensively testing throughout the year.

We can also expect new test items and "twists on core items" that Marisa Thalberg (Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell) has called "Icon-ovation".

This sounds very much like the Doritos Quesalupa Crunch, Chicken Enchilada Wrap, and Ceaser Crunchwrap Supreme that were very publicly announced earlier this year. Remember these?

They also highlighted recent "superfan" events like Weddings in Vegas, and the exclusive five-course dining event at their test kitchen. Apparently the OpenTable reservations for 32 slots sold out in 34 seconds and had some fans flying (out of the fans own pocket) from the East Coast.

Thalberg so rightly says "That's brand love." Well you know what, there's another fantastic example of brand love, and that's the Beefy Crunch Movement. As of right now we are still not able to mention the name of the burrito on their Facebook Page, and we have no official response as to why our hashtag or the name of the burrito is being censored. It's most likely due to the #OperationAnnoyingAF campaign we were running, but according to them, they were loving it. So I don't get it right now.

More on that in upcoming articles. For now though, I'm proud of the brand love we have for Taco Bell and one of their burritos and I'm working on redesigning the site to make sure history never forgets the insanely awesome things we have done over the last 6 years.

Just wanted to share the press release this evening and a little about the redesign. That's all for now. Keep sharing. Keep speaking (even if you have to spell it wrong to get through the filters). -Richard



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