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Beefy Crunch Movement

Happy New Year to all Beefy Crunch Movement fans! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family!


As we approach the 13 year anniversary of the Beefy Crunch Movement, and on the heels of the Beefy Crunch Burrito promotion we had in 2023, I want to do everything I can to ride the momentum of positivity and champion the passion of this amazing community and get a 2024 Beefy Crunch Burrito promotion for us all.

We had some communication with HQ before the holidays and will continue efforts over these next coming months, but for now there is nothing confirmed, but always hope for opportunities. No offense to our contact, but we've been down this road before and hope is a currency that we do not have in great quantities anymore.

In 2015, the main theme for that year was "symbolism". It was the year we created our first Beefy Cr
unch Movement flag to be that visible beacon that reminded them and us of our commitment and passion for the Beefy Crunch. - You can read our 2015 plan here:

In that spirit, some 9 years later, I want to remind Taco Bell once again that We
. Are. Still Here. The theme for us this year will be "visibility." And just as I had a blue-print for a flag that we turned into reality, I want to get serious about turning our first Beefy Crunch Movement billboard from a dream into a reality. This will be a little more challenging than a flag, but oh so worth it to look up and see our message in the sky. We have an amazing story, 13 years, 60K Fans, 9 Tattoos etc..., not only would a Billboard be yet another fabric in our tapestry, but what a great medium to proudly showcase the amazing Tattoos!












It will be a phased approach and will take some time to finalize all the details (design, location, cost etc...) but this will be a community effort and we will keep you up to date on all the steps along the way. My goal is to get the design finalized and approved (don't want to get into any legal battles with Taco Bell) by the end of January and then work to find locations and get quotes by end of February and then start a crowdfunding campaign to turn this into a reality. Would be super to get this up by May for our 13 year anniversary, but it'll take as long as it takes.

In conjunction with the Billboard, we will continue our efforts on Facebook to make our voices heard. #AnnoyingAF may come back although more stealthy. I don't forsee it being anything like the "war of 2015", but will definitely be encouraging people to leave comments and like other comments. Showcase organic and positive examples, but no coordinated efforts, if that makes sense.

GIFs, GIFs, GIFs. If you're on PC, then save or copy and paste the urls for the GIFs into the comments section, and it should appear! They disabled picture comments when they were overwhelmingly Beefy Crunch Burrito related, not sure if they can disable GIFs, but I'm willing to find out. Not sure how effective it will be with the algorithms, but doesn't hurt to try!


In summary, 2024 = Billboards, Continuing to tell our story, and championing the BCB fans passion in the new blank pages ahead. Visible. Positive. Passion.






Spread the word.

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