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Beefy Crunch Movement Flags

The idea of getting a flag and raising it at HQ came about after the Beefy Fritos Burrito was introduced on the menu full time in 2014. I wanted to give our movement a symbol that our community could rally behind, and that would send a message to Taco Bell that we would not give up in our pursuit of the Beefy Crunch. When they brought it back ONLY in Louisville, KY in 2015, that’s when the idea to order 100 and have people from across the country get their hands on them too. It very quickly became an iconic symbol of everything we have done over the last 5 years (at the time, now almost 12 years!) and became a manifestation of our Movement coming outside of our phones and into the real world. We now have hundreds of flags out there each continuing to spread the word of our amazing story! 

In 2016, we DID have our flag raised at Taco Bell HQ.

Some fan photos of their flags...

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